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Level of French

Our courses are meant for people having at least an elementary level in French : level A2 (in the process of being acquired) as defined by the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). The total immersion concept is not meant for beginners, that is for somebody who is not able to form a simple sentence and does not understand a conversation slowly spoken phrases in French.

If you have the slightest doubt, you could download the European Council self assessment grid and the list of the level A1 and A2 descriptors from the European Language Portfolio. You could also call our school for a test by Skype.

However, if you can express yourself in a simple manner and you are familiar with conjugations of most common verbs, we can guarantee great progress. If this sounds like you then we would suggest you to brush up your existing knowledge of French before the course.

This scheme will give you an idea of the estimated number of hours of study to reach each level of the CERF. Be aware, the speed of progress varies from person to person and depends on lots of criteria : motivation, personal study, knowledge of other foreign languages, etc.

LevelCan be reached through ... hours of studyTotal of study hours
A180 to 100 h80 to 100 h
A2+ 100 to 120 h180 to 200 h
B1+ 150 to 180 h350 to 400 h
B2+ 200 to 250 h600 to 650 h
C1+ 250 to 300 h850 to 900 h
C2To reach thislevel, the hourly volume is variable.
Source : Le Centre international d'études pédagogiques (CIEP)

The classes are formed according to following levels

(after a test the first morning and an interview)

Elementary level

(In CREA-LANGUES terms: groupe "jaune", level A2 as defined by the CEFR)

You can use simple phrases and understand the essential points of a conversation when spoken slowly. You are familiar with the conjugation of the most frequent verbs in present, future and past. We will help you to improve your comprehension and spoken French, your ability to express yourself in daily situations. We will work on the structure of simple phrases while improving your vocabulary.

Intermediate level

(In CREA-LANGUES terms: groupe "bleu azur", "bleu lavande" and "bleu saphir", respectively level A2/ B1 - B1 and B1/B2 as defined by the CEFR)

You are able to understand a conversation and written texts. You can express yourself in familiar situations and you have a certain command of grammar. We will work on the more complicated phrase constructions, on the use of different tenses and moods. We will help you to express yourself with greater fluency and to expand your vocabulary.

Advanced level

(In CREA-LANGUES terms : "groupe vert" – level as defined by the CEFR : B2-C1)

You can express yourself quite well in whatever situation you find yourself in. You have a good command of grammar and a relatively wide range of vocabulary. We will help you to express yourself with more nuances and fluency, to convey more complex messages with ease, using elaborate grammatical structures and to enrich your vocabulary with idiomatic expressions.

At the end of the course, the level you have reached will be evaluated and you will receive a certificate based on the CEFR. We’ll also give you an assessment on your pronunciation, rhythm, intonation, accent and fluency in French.

Level of french Level of french Level of french

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