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Individual support

A teacher of reference

Throughout your time at CREA-LANGUES, the teaching staff will guide your learning and will help you focus in on the aspects of the language where you need to pay particular attention. You will not have the same teacher every day, in order to get you used to different voices and accents, and for you to benefit from different ways of teaching. The teacher with you on the first day will be your professor of reference, the one who will be the most suitable to give you personalized advice. He/she will follow your learning process closely and will do at the end of the course.

Personal interviews

Entretien individuel en français

On the first Monday : to assess your level, analyse your profile, but also to know your specific needs and precise personal objectives for the course.

Mid-course : your mentor teacher will guide your efforts and insist on points to work on (the 1st Friday for the 2 week-courses only).

On the last day for all courses : an interview to review the progress you have made during your stay and to suggest ways to continue the study of French after the CREA-LANGUES course. This is based on an assessment according to the CEFR.

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