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Our public

  • A very international mix
  • Extremely motivated adults
  • People who appreciate our personalized approach
  • Participants who need French for daily life in a French speaking environment, for work purposes or just those with a passion for French.

In our school, we welcome adults only.

We stress that you do need to be motivated to make the most of CREA-LANGUES. We are always there to encourage and help you, but you must be prepared to make the effort to speak French all day long (with other course participants as well as with the teaching staff), to enable us to be able to correct any errors you make. The efforts on your part will be very worthwhile. Immersion in the language in this way will guarantee that you make rapid progress. We also ensure that the hard work is balanced by adequate time to socialise and unwind.

You don’t, by any means, need to be fluent in French, but you do need to have reached an elementary level in French already (level A2, in the process of being acquired, as defined by the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference) - standards of language ability. This means that you need to be able to formulate simple sentences and to understand the essence of what is being said, when French is spoken slowly.

Our courses aren’t designed for complete beginners. We take participants at levels ranging from elementary to advanced.

See section Level of French.

Our public Our public Our public

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