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A different way of learning

Full immersion with primary focus on ability to communicate

You often spend your holidays in France, or you may even live here. Perhaps you need French for your job or, maybe, you are just a lover of the language. But, whatever the reason, your goal is to understand French better and to speak it more fluently without feeling nervous or embarrassed.

This is why, at CREA-Langues, our main priority is to focus on activities that involve speaking as well as listening, in other words, oral work and oral comprehension practice with particular emphasis on phonetics, in other words, learning to produce the sounds necessary to pronounce certain words in French.]”

At CREA-Langues, learning is divided into two areas: intensive lessons and fully immersive informal language practice. Since you will be speaking French from dawn to dusk, you will certainly have plenty of opportunities to take the plunge in conversation. This will not only serve to boost your confidence, but it will also help you to enjoy speaking French whatever the situation.

Learn french in France Learn french in France Learn french in France

Teaching method

We encourage you to actively participate in your learning process

Our approach is intended to equip you with the necessary tools to achieve your goal. Grammar and vocabulary are simply resources that help serve this purpose. For example, imagine you want to invite some French friends or colleagues around for an apéritif. To make your invitation sound as polite as possible, you would need to know how to say certain verbs in the conditional tense. Or, imagine you may want to join a book club. When discussing a book, for instance, you would need to know how to use various past tenses to accurately convey the order of events in the book. We do not believe in teaching grammar as a stand-alone element. We believe in using grammar in action, in other words, using it in context, in real-life situations so that its use in conversation eventually becomes second nature.

The approach adopted by CREA-Langues is action-oriented “it views users and learners of a language primarily as ‘social agents’, i.e. members of society who have tasks (not exclusively language-related) to accomplish in a given set of circumstances, in a specific environment … in order to achieve a given result in the context of a problem to be solved, an obligation to fulfil or an objective to be achieved. (Source : CECRL - Conseil de l'Europe, 2001)

A full, dynamic and productive day in an easy-going atmosphere

Whichever option you choose (lessons in the morning, local excursions in the afternoon or lessons both morning and afternoon), there will be plenty to keep you busy throughout the day. But the teachers are here to help you. They live in at the centre, share mealtimes with you, accompany you on the excursions and take part in the evening activities. They know how to put you at ease and how to sensitively point out any errors you make in a positive and helpful way. We maintain a learning environment that is professional as well as relaxed and friendly.

Once the weather becomes warm enough, lessons may be held outside.

A wide variety of teaching resources with many new features and innovations added each year

We rapidly start working on real-life materials such as radio and television programmes and recent press articles and texts. We also like to include linguistic games and French songs.

At the beginning of the course, each student will be given a learner’s manual; a textbook detailing the course material that teachers will work through with you during your stay. The book is, of course, for you to keep. It is updated every year to keep abreast of current events, remain contemporary and offer a fresh perspective for the vast numbers of you who choose to come back to us here at CREA-Langues.

For private study, you can access our resource centre which contains a wide variety of books on grammar, phonetics and oral comprehension, as well as fiction and nonfiction, DVDs, magazines, newspapers and computers for internet use.

Each classroom is equipped with audio-visual facilities.

Small groups for a personalized approach

3 to 6 people maximum per level (except for the private tuition option). We can host a maximum of 25 students at any one time.

Learning should be fun. Let yourself be tempted by the desire to know good French, in our company, in a warm and hospitable ambiance.
Oser, savoir et aimer parler français, voilà ce que nous vous offrons.

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+ points of CREA-Langues

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