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On-line lessons

CREA-Langues is offering a variety of on-line modules whilst we wait for the school to re-open following the current pandemic. If you already run or are part of a small group, feel free to contact us so that we can arrange on-line lessons tailored to your needs.

These modules will follow the same format as usual: lessons for small groups of varying abilities (3-4 people or 5-6 per group) or private lessons which focus on quality of oral expression and comprehension as well as pronunciation, using a wide variety of learning materials in addition to individual monitoring. Lessons will be given by our usual team of highly qualified, experienced and dedicated teachers.

Five different modules

One week modules, in groups of 3-4 or 5-6 per group

« Phonétique » : 8 sessions of 45 minutes (2 x 45’ per day) + 1 private lesson (30 minutes)
The aim is to make your conversations and exchanges with French-speakers easier to understand. We will work on articulating words and the pronunciation of sounds (or ‘phonemes’, to use the technical term), rhythm, stress and intonation and also liaison, that is knowing when and when not to pronounce the last consonant of a word before a vowel sound.

« Interaction orale » : 10 sessions of 45 minutes each (2 x 45’ per day)
The aim of these lessons is to help you feel at ease when conversing in French so that you can speak spontaneously, hold a conversation, engage in debate, improve your vocabulary including idiomatic expressions and tackle a variety of subjects and so broaden your knowledge of France and its culture. Personalised corrections are also included.

« Cours renforcé » : 10 sessions of 60 minutes (2 x 60’ per day)
A holistic approach integrating vocabulary expansion, grammar revision and its oral application, oral comprehension work and exchanges to boost speakers’ confidence when speaking with, or in front of, others.

Two week module, in groups of 3-4 or 5-6 per group

« Vers le niveau A2 » : 10 sessions of 45 minutes each + 2 private lessons of 15 minutes each

The aim is to be able to: describe or use simple phrases to talk about people, living conditions, daily activities, likes and dislikes; communicate in simple and routine tasks and be capable of holding a short conversation.

This module concerns those who have already studied French and attained A1 standard. The lessons will enable you to feel more at ease in a French-speaking environment or whilst on a French immersion course. Please note that students choosing this option will be required to dedicate time to personal study in addition to work completed during lessons.

« Cours individuels », per module : 5 sessions of 45’

For a personalised approach, tailored to your needs. Example of lesson contents: work on pronunciation, oral interaction, application of grammar points in oral work, oral comprehension, preparation to sit DELF-DALF exam (French for foreigners), etc.

For more information, dates, prices and timings (different according to the time zones) : see Online courses.




After months of intense work to prepare the 2020 language courses and programs, we will not be able to start our season in April this year. This is of course an exceptional situation.

The measures that have been taken to stop the propagation of the COVID-19 pandemic oblige us to suspend for the moment all activities and CREA-Langues courses at the Monastère.

We will start the immersion courses again end August. We will keep you informed.

You can currently inscribe for all courses from the 31th of August till the 9th of October. For any questions, you can contact Joan.

Meanwhile, we propose some online courses with our regular teachers. You’ll find all information here.

Take care of yourself, your beloved ones and the people around you.

We hope to find soon a path through this current situation.

With warm regards,

Annemarie Desmet
In the name of teams of CREA-Langues and le Monastère.

ParrainageParrainage 2020

Recommend a friend

Have you already joined us for a course at CREA-Langues and thinking of coming back ? You might know some people who would like to live a similar ‘total immersion’ experience with us.

If you enroll for a course in 2020 and if another person – through your recommendation – follows a CREA-Langues immersion course for the first time, we offer following conditions:

For you, having already followed a CREA-Langues course in the past, we offer 100 € on your course per new student who comes through you.

For the person who follows a first CREA-Langues course on the recommendation of a returning student, we offer a SPECIAL SPRING PROMOTION: 50 € reduction for any course in May or June 2020.
For a course in July, August, September or October 2020, you’ll get a welcome gift at your arrival at the school.

For more information : recommend a friend


Programme and registration 2020

For any information or enrollment, please contact Joan.

Larger offer of one week courses 

Following the growing demand for one week courses, we have added more dates to our one week offer next year.
See dates for one or two week courses.

CREA-Langues on TV5 Monde : « Destination Provence »

Last summer, Ivan Kabacoff who is presenting DESTINATION FRANCOPHONIES, has been visiting our school, to shoot for a TV programme on the quality label FLE (French as a foreign language).

Telephone number for information and bookings

Joan LUCA's telephone number has changed.
Please dial her new number : +33 (0)4 92 79 04 03. 

Les quatre saisons de Ségriès

Once every trimester, in our section “LES QUATRE SAISONS DE SÉGRIÈS”, we propose “nos coups de coeur”, a selection of favorite books or films by one of our teachers, « Le coin des mots », some exercises to enrichen your vocabulary and « Le coin des lettres », a special section for the students who already attended a course at CREA-Langues.

As for now, the summer 2020 edition is online.
Next "rendez-vous" for the summer on the 21st of September.