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Recommend a friend

Have you already joined us for a course at CREA-Langues and thinking of coming back?
ou might know some people who would like to live a similar "total immersion" experience with us.

Recommend a friend and you will both be eligible for this special offer.

If you enroll for a course and if another person – through your recommendation – follows a CREA-Langues immersion course for the first time, we offer following conditions:
For you, having already followed a CREA-Langues course in the past "returning student"

We offer 100 € on your course per new student who comes through you
For the person who follows a first CREA-Langues course on the recommendation of a returning student

A welcome gift at your arrival at the school.

The conditions, for any registration

  • The reduction will be given if both of you - returning and new student - follow a course, whether it is one, two or three weeks.
  • You could follow a course together or at different dates.
  • The discount is cumulable for the sponsor, if several students come on his/her recommendation.
  • The sponsored student can only have one sponsor and can therefore only benefit from one reduction or one welcome gift.
  • In case of cancellation of the course, the offer is no longer valid.

How to proceed to benefit from the sponsorship?

  • For the returning student: when you fill in your registration form, please mention the name of the person who might enroll through you.
  • For the new student: when you fill in your registration form, please mention the name of the person who recommended CREA-Langues and will be following a language course this year as well.
  • The reduction will be payed at the beginning of your, either cash (other then EC countries), or by bank transfer (EC countries).

For any additional information, please contact Joan